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Pilots forgot where they parked the plane?

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Before landing, there were no announcements on drugs, mandatory death sentence, prohibition on nunchuks, knuckle dusters etc. It must be optional as some airlines do make these religiously.

Leaving the gate area, there was a cordon and staff stationed at various points with an iPad/tablet pointing the direction we’re supposed to head towards. I followed that but took off to the toilet. Coming out, I noticed that I was beside the escalator down to immigration and baggage claim. Going down the escalator I noticed that it said Terminal 1 when I knewAir New Zealand is processed through Terminal 3. Fortunately I checked with some staff and backtracked upstairs. Otherwise I’d be severely inconvenienced having to come through airside/immigration to collect my luggage from Terminal 3.

Coming upstairs, I saw our pilots and warned them to check on the terminal with staff as well. So, the cordon and staff were there for a purpose but I kinda got through their net by going to the loo. They should have said “Take the train to Terminal 3” as well, because that was what was required. The Terminal 1 exit was just too near and convenient.

As for the pilots, I’m surprised they didn’t know where they had parked their plane! Terminal 1 instead of Terminal 3!

I taxied to my aunt’s for a 3 night stay. It was nice to see my cousin Janet from Scotland. In the evening, we had dinner at home with more cousins visiting. It was awesome to see cousin Patsy after about 30 years and another cousin Hong after maybe 10 years.

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